20,000 people throughout the UK and Eire. That’s one hell of a crew. And just like the best teams, they all know how to have fun and look after one another. That’s not to say there isn’t a serious side, but in such a busy and hardworking environment, brilliant team working really comes into its own.

Training-wise, you won’t find anything more comprehensive than our Right Track Training Programme. So whether you have restaurant experience or are a total newbie to the industry, we’ll soon have you burger flipping to world-class levels. There’s also great flexibility. Whether it’s full or part-time hours you are looking for, we have an immense variety of shift patterns to suit all tastes.

And for those looking to make this the start of their Burger King career, you’re on the first step of a well trodden path to restaurant management greatness. Show us the personality, drive and ability and you’ll soon find your way to supervisory level. Still hungry for more? From there, you can join our in-house trainee management programme and then you’re really flying.

Our restaurant locator isn’t just for finding out where you can get a tasty meal, but also where you can land yourself a hot new job. Simply complete an online application form, print it off and take it to your nearest BK.

Nathan Thompson - Restaurant Crew

For crew member Nathan, working for Burger King goes way beyond being part of a great team. It’s more like having a second family. And it’s certainly not your conventional family at that. Nathan enjoys the diverse nature of the workplace, working alongside people from places such as Poland and South Africa. He’s also gearing up to take his career to the next level: “I’m going to be training to become a service supervisor, and I’m really excited about that.”