Other Roles

Restaurant Support Centre. All sounds very serious doesn’t it? Well sure, there are certainly serious aspects. I mean, there’s only so much mental behaviour a finance, legal or HR department can take before you start to stray into the realm of the just plain irresponsible. But that’s not say that we don’t appreciate a good maverick here at our HQ in Slough, Berkshire. If it wasn’t for some slightly ‘left of field’ thinking, then innovative ideas and campaigns like posh twins, angry angus, I’m a man and six packs would never have been born.

In addition to our financial brains, friendly HR people, legal eagles and marketing superstars, you’ll also find equally important departments like property (they are the ones that manage all those restaurant buildings), systems (they keep everything running smoothly) and loss control (who.. erm, stop us losing stuff).

It’s also the occasional home-from-home of our field based area managers, auditors and trainers.

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