Working Here

Here at Burger King, your job really can be all you want it to be. You may be looking to take the first steps on a long and exciting career path or perhaps you are in the market for something a little more flexible – the kind of role that fits around your other commitments, such as parental responsibilities or an ‘active’ student lifestyle (it’s ok, we’ve been there and still have the stained t-shirt).

You’ll also be pleased to know that we love nothing more than seeing our people shine and progress. That statement is far from lip service too - in the *last year alone, 70% of our operational vacancies were filled internally. We’re pretty special too when it comes to helping our people get to where they want to be. If you’re thinking we mean professional qualifications, you’d be dead right, but we’ve also been known to teach people to drive and learn languages. Now that’s what you call commitment to your development.

*period from Sept 2007 – Sept 2008